Welcome to my webpage!

I am currently an Emory freshman, and I am interested in majoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. I moved to America when I was 13 years old, and I had lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan for 6 years.

I went to a small private school called Greenhills school. I participated numerous clubs in our school. I ran middle school math ┬átutoring program, which I really enjoyed and valued a lot. I was also a member of our school’s jazz band. I was not really into jazz before I joined jazz band. However, after I figured out how enlightening improvisation can be, now I cannot live my life without listening and playing jazz. I played basketball and golf while I went to Greenhills. Golf was my main sport, and I have many great remembrances with my golf teammates. Although I really do not enjoy reading, I love expressing my opinion’s about reading.

This website will contain various digital almanac blog posts that will contains my reflections of various authors’ perspective on nature. Those authors include Henry David Thoreau, Tim Morton, Gary Snyder, William Shakespeare, and JM Coetzee. The digital almanac blog posts also include reflection on environmental issue related video, and an allegory that shows how my description of local nature can be used to describe global environmental issues. Also, there are pages for video project themed on food sustainability and argumentative paper and jeremiad presentation about usage of nuclear power.

Hope you guys enjoy my posts, and thank you for reading my blog!


A picture of Walden pond. Great representation of nature.

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